Enabling Transformation

Meaningful Mentorship. Sustainable Partnership.

The drive to evolve

The world is shifting more and more towards digital technologies. These rapidly evolving technologies are changing consumer buying patterns, redefining consumer experience and disrupting traditional business models. More and more companies are struggling to understand and cope with the rapid pace of change especially since digital transformation is not restricted to just technology but it transmutes the business. Kalzoom Advisors, a joint venture between 5F World and The Chesapeake Group is essentially an enabler of sustainable digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Practice

Kalzoom helps established organizations transform from brick and mortar to click and interact business. Through our Digital Transformation Consulting practice, we help organizations navigate the Digital Transformation journey - from building a concrete strategy to creating engaging and consistent digital experiences across every touchpoint, providing new opportunities for growth and aligning process and technology to meet the dynamic demand.

Growth Advisory Practice

We help young companies unleash their growth potential by co-creating business strategies that set clear and ambitious directions and define actionable must-win milestones. Through our extensive network of partners, we provide the guidance and skills of experienced industry professionals who help startups achieve their full potential. Additionally, we have access to a wide network of investors and we arrange for funds (debt/equity) to aid expansion plans at every stage of business growth.

Gear up for true success in the world of Digital Transformation