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An evolving ecosystem for digital change.

Platform for the digital tomorrow

As technologies and capabilities advance and consumer behavior become more dynamic, companies must continuously evolve their digital journey. We realized that to succeed, the digital ecosystem that funnels digital transformation needs to expand and grow constantly. We have built the Zoom12 platform to connect all stakeholders in this journey – be it Digital Solution providers, investors, customers.

Zoom12 Explained

How it works

What Zoom12 Provides


In form of industry-specific analytics, data and market study


With large corporations, growth advisors, VC providers, investors


On how to scale startups and established corporates


Of experts belonging to different domains, all channelized towards digital transformation


Through reaching out to VCs and investors

Knowledge Sharing

Which enables optimization of efforts


From seasoned industry experts


Of resources and services

The Zoom12 Ecosystem

Cloud Computing
Social and Mobile
Cyber Security
Digital Platforms & Design Thinking
3D Printing
Analytics & Big Data
Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence
Mixed Reality
Robotics Process Automation

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