12 Must-try SEO Tools in 2022

Getting a competitive edge in today’s world can be achieved with SEO tools. They are like mirrors reflecting where your site stands amidst a pool of competitors and help you gain insights to improve its ranking and performance. As more tools and options are getting added every year, it has helped simplify and streamline the efforts. The right SEO tools can be a gamechanger and transform your strategy for the better. For this reason, it becomes important to keep track of the latest SEO tools. Here are 12 tools to look out for in the year 2022.

Exploding Topics

It suggests the right content which can attract people and is super easy for creating social media or SEO content. There can be a significant upgrade in the content marketing strategy

Google search console

Beneficial in optimizing keywords, crawl errors, allowing you to appear in SERPs for terms and phrases that the target audience is looking for.

Bulk Google Rank Checker

This allows you to retrieve the ranking for your domain and your competitors for any given keyword.


If you wish to understand ways for improvement and optimization, this is the best tool. It presents you opportunities, in terms of where to get the links from


It automatically checks a webpage’s SEO parameters for free and that too quickly.


The free SEO checker tool allows you to test your website’s compliance level with today’s SEO guidelines


It updates the to-do list for website content and analyzes search performances daily


It highlights part of the page that is relevant for SEO


Provides actionable insights after exploring data from many sources


Insights into the content gap and competitor content


Creates ready-to-use content briefs and cuts down research time


Pulls information that crawling bots leave in the server’s log files

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