Is Your Business Ready for Hyper-Growth in 2020?

Amid India’s stunted economic growth, recovering capital markets, & struggling banking sector, you need a phenomenal growth strategy to succeed. We can create your Hypergrowth Strategy Blueprint to propel your organization to grow exponentially.
Welcome to the Hyper-Growth Business Strategy Exercise 2020
by Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

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Why Should I Sign up?

By signing up for our 10 days exercise, you will open doors to transformational breakthroughs fueled by positive disruption & driven by an outside-in approach. A team consisting of some of the best minds across industries led by Ganesh Natarajan will work with you to deliver a powerful growth strategy for 2020.
Ganesh has over 30 years of industry experience including IT, Manufacturing and Education sectors. Over the years, he has helped many companies achieve hockey stick growth and reach a 10-figure valuation multiple times.

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What is Unique About This Exercise?

Our hyper-growth hacking strategy exercise is tailor-made for your organization and will supplement your company in its goals for 2020 and in the process, the next decade.
The exercise will focus on the following :

  • Detailed analysis of the company’s revenue drivers
  • Benchmark business performance against peers and best in class
  • Analysis of health of key accounts
  • Analysis of internal perception of the business versus the perception held by the customers
  • First cut revenue plan for Financial Year 2020 – 2021 and key revenue drivers
  • Critical success factors for the business Growth pathways for the business

All this will be done in 3 phases:


Analysis and Benchmarking

Our senior consultants will work with your C-level executives to make sense of your business, analyze challenges, review past performances, conduct SWOT analysis, understand the status of key accounts & initiatives, & set benchmarks.


Planning for next Financial Year

We will work with your Sales Head and the sales teams to build an ambitious revenue plan for the next financial year through ground-up planning, bridging the gap between management’s vision & sales team, identifying key success areas, planning of sales activities.

In addition, our team will also work with your management team to discuss areas like resource requirements, business focus areas such as global expansion, fund requirements, & so on.


Top Management Exercise

In the final stage, we will align your top management to the findings of the analysis, bring buy-ins for the revenue plan, highlight challenges & focus areas. We will also discuss critical growth pathways and initiatives and finalize a way forward.

Who We Are

Kalzoom Advisors is a leading consulting firm with a focus on helping businesses achieve transformational growth. It is the brainchild of Dr. Ganesh Natarajan and Douglas Land, who have combined their experience of building large companies and creating 10 figure valuation through organic and inorganic growth.
At Kalzoom, we work closely with top executives and entrepreneurs to help them define the long term growth vision, formulate concrete strategies and help navigate execution to drive transformational business growth and build shareholder value, redefining business models and bringing technology & process innovation with a focus on customer needs, market trends & future growth levers. We have brought together some of the best minds in Technology, Finance, and Manufacturing to create enviable value for our clients.

So, are you ready to define your future & achieve a phenomenal growth in 2020?


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