Seizing the Digital Transformation Opportunity – in conversation with Mr. Devendra Deshmukh, CEO & Founder, e-Zest Solutions

Digital Transformation is all pervasive. Mr. Deshmukh shares with the Kalzoom Team his views on the impact of digital transformation for young technology companies and opportunities to scale in the digital age.

1. How is digital transformation disrupting your industry?

The traditional model of outsourcing is changing. There is a shift in almost everything- How you engaged, how you managed assignments, how you defined technology architecture and used codeless or platform centric approach. Focus is shifting from efforts to outcome. We are clearly noticing a shift from big, bulk, multi-year type discussions to small, outcome driven, agile engagements. The stakes are increasing on both sides. Innovation led organisations like e-Zest are making cautious efforts to reduce learning curve for modern technologies such as IoT, blockchain, ML and AI. We are also creating IP, products and platforms to expedite delivery and ascertain outcomes quickly.

Additionally, data is the new currency. There is massive thrust of data treatment for identifying patterns, predicting and making almost everything smart. Companies like us with capabilities and investments in these areas have an edge.

2. How are young companies leveraging the opportunities created by digital transformation?

Young companies are embracing opportunities created by digital transformation very very fast.

Companies like us who help global enterprises adopt digital transformation solutions are focusing on emerging technologies and paradigms such as codeless development, data engineering, AI as well as extending the learning to hardware side. The cloud and the edge are both becoming intelligent and generating data. We are learning more of these to create solutions for our customers.

We do so by creating PoC, identifying challenges that can be best addressed by emerging technologies etc.

  • We hold international class hackathons and bring together talent to solve real world challenges. This leads to development of internal technology champions whose main responsibility is to explore upcoming technologies and build PoCs.
  • Participate in open source projects to step up to global development coding standards
  • Exposure through international events to understand real reasons for adopting to newer technologies
  • Bring customer centricity and co-creation aspect in day to day operations of development activities
  • 3. Given the dynamic business scenario, how do young companies scale today, how has the scaling process changed from traditional ways to the new age transformation.

    Culture matters here. Scaling is a function of solid culture & values as much as it is about embracing digital transformation.

    We are at a juncture where we operate in an ecosystem- that specializes in different and specific areas and is part of your partnership.

    It’s like uberization of more things. You don’t need to own, buy, hire or build from scratch to deliver value. Partnerships and Co-creation will prevail. I also see that by 2025, AI would have made tremendous impact on the way we work, collaborate and interact with machines and devices. Young companies are perhaps leading adoption of these changes and do stand a great chance to scale.