Website Audit and Governance

Continuance monitoring and improvement for web traffic and SERP

Website Audit and Governance – The key to success!

Website audit and governance is the process of auditing your website on a regular basis, analyzing all the content for errors and flaws against a pre-determined website audit checklist. It helps ensure that there are no broken links or other technical problems which may cause an unsatisfactory user experience. One way to do it is through conducting a technical SEO audit. Another aspect of website audit and governance is that it helps in doing a comprehensive assessment on your website to ensure that it adheres to all industry best practices. Our free site audit tool is available for a quick demo for you to try out the benefits of getting our services.

Kalzoom’s Way of Checking Off A Good Website Audit And Governance Checklist.

A good website audit checklist includes various components such as content quality, navigation structure, website technical audit, keyword optimization (SEO) via SEO audit checklist, accessibility standards compliance, website audit report template, broken links detection; there are many more aspects that contribute towards a great site performance. The only way to do so is to get a website audit and governance analysis done.
We at Kalzoom bring in the best resources and services to make sure occurring issues are resolved at timely intervals so that nothing disrupts your site’s performance. Protect your investment into a current or future website as well as shield yourself from the troubles of poor site performance, data breaches, security threats and probable lawsuits.

Website Audit and Governance Activities We Do

Website technical audit

Speed optimization

On going maintenance

Responsive design/Fixing

Kalzoom Differentiators

Periodical Website Audit and Governance

Get periodical technical SEO audits to stay updated on the pain points and adjust your strategy to suit the changing needs.

Quick Resolution of Performance Factors

Once the problem areas are detected in a website technical audit, our team of experts provide a quick turnaround of fixes to boost the performance of your site.

Expert Team Leading to Growth

Team of experts to lead you on the right path to proper website audit and governance.



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