What’s the SEO face in 2022

2021 was the year of tremendous changes for digital marketing with Google rolling out two huge algorithm updates. As user behavior continues to evolve, well into 2022, it’s important to understand what SEO would look like in the future. By understanding the gamut of opportunities this year offers, they can be efficiently utilized and business policies aligned accordingly.

SEO trends expected to take a center stage in 2022

More focus on mobile user experience

Google is going to prioritize indexing and ranking of websites that are mobile-friendly after it rolled out Mobile-First Indexing last year. Thus, implementing responsive web designs becomes an important web strategy for your SEO team

Content reigns supreme

Creating incredible and unique content is the way to rank higher, engage more people and ensure conversions. Natural links can further compound your SEO strategy. Work on a combination of keyword and competitive research.

Smarter and contextual responses to complex queries

The Multitask Unified Model of Google uses contextual information to present comprehensive answers to complex queries. It can analyze text and pictures and point you to a list of recommended hiking gear. So, use high-quality, authoritative, and valuable on-page content.

Better featured snippets

With the Passage Ranking Update, Google can now index not only web pages but also individual passages from a particular webpage also known as featured snippets. For this, you should target long-tail keywords in your content and focus on its quality.

Plan ahead for SEO success in 2022

2022 is going to be a revolutionary year for SEO professionals trying to get their pages a higher rank. The focus, however, would largely remain the same with good content marketing still crowned the king. Google has taken steps to improve the quality of search results, so it becomes important for marketers to adapt and evolve accordingly.

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